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Denver Martial Arts Training Center

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Denver Fitness Boot Camp Classes

Melt Calories. Get Fit. Have FUN! That's What Our Classes Are All About!

Get in the best shape of your life with the unique and varied Indoor Fitness Boot Camp programs from Trans Fitness & Kickboxing. Our professional and dedicated staff offers amazing Fitness programs for anyone regardless of age, shape or experience.

Get Fit! Lose Weight! Look Great! With Tran's Indoor Fitness Boot Camp You Will Conquer Your Fitness Goals!

TransFit Tread and Shed classes are specifically designed to jump start your metabolism, create more energy and change your body composition. The combination of intense interval weights, bike and tread will enable you to drastically shed body fat and improve your strength and endurance. You will be taught to use proper form and constantly be motivated to push yourself to your full potential. Be prepared for fast, amazing results!

TransFormation Boot Camp classes will get you lean, strong and sculpted as you are instructed by our trainers using weighted barbells and plyometrics. This class is easy to follow and your TransFormation will be AMAZING! Motivated by Tran’s best instructors and using upbeat music, this boot camp class will whip your body into bikini shape in a short amount of time- all while having FUN!

This multiple class format will be using our progressive overloading system so members will maximize muscle fiber stimulation creating the greatest metabolic response. Which equates to a strong, tone, lean mean fat burning machine! TransFit is suitable for all fitness level and our teachers will help you modify any exercise.

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